Bottle Cap Snowmen DIY Ornaments

One of my favorite things to do in the holiday season, when my daughter was little, was to make Christmas crafts and let her take part in the process. These little bottle cap snowmen DIY ornaments are very easy to make and the kids will really enjoy helping you put them together.

These Bottle Cap Snowmen DIY Ornaments are very easy to make and the kids will love to be involved in the project.

Each of these Bottle Cap Snowmen Ornaments is made from three bottle caps and few inexpensive craft supplies. They are all dressed up for the cold and ready to hang on your Christmas tree with pride.

Here’s how to Make your Own Bottle Cap Snowmen DIY Ornaments

To make the ornaments you will need the following supplies.  (This post contains affiliate links for your crafting experience.)

The first thing I did was to spray the bottle caps on both sides and let them completely dry.  I used a white primer because I wanted a matte finish to the snowmen.Paint the bottle caps whit.

Next, I used a fine point paint pen in both black and orange to paint the snowmen faces on the inside of four of the bottle caps.  I also painted three pieces of coal on four more bottle caps.Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments faces

Putting the snowmen together takes two stages.  First I hot glued each bottle cap to the one below it to attach three of them to each other – one face, one coal area and one plain bottle cap. I let them set and then hot glued a piece of Chrstmas ribbon to the center of the back of the snowman forming a loop to make a hanger.  (I used 1/2″ snowflake ribbon and cut it in half for this.)Putting together the Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments is easy

The snowman ornaments are all finished but those little guys will freeze if we don’t give them some warm clothing now!These adorable Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments are ready to decorate

This is the part that the kids will love.  Just let them choose the colors for the snowmen hats and scarves and also have them pick out some other items to decorate the ornaments.   To make the scarf sit better around the neck of the snowman, cut it a little narrower in this area.  The ends of each scarf piece can also be cut to resemble a fringe.Making a scarf for the Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

I used four different colors of felt, more of the Christmas ribbon and pom poms, as well as 1/2 of a snowflake sticker and a piece of dried flowers for decorations.  Here are the Bottle Cap Snowmen DIY ornaments, all dressed for the cold and ready to hang on your tree.These Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments are very easy to make and the kids will love to be involved in the project.

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