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Be a Kid Again Day – July 8 – Time to Bring Out Your Inner Child

Be a Kid Again Day is an annual holiday that occurs on July 8. It is a day that celebrates taking a break from being an adult, and acting like a kid again.

Sometimes, we take life too seriously. Today, we can forget out troubles and act like a kid.

Keep reading to find out more about this fun day.

Be a kid again day is celebrated on July 8 each year.

What is Be A Kid Again Day and why should we celebrate it?

Let’s be honest, everyone can benefit by taking a break and enjoying life a little more. As kids, we loved goofing off, and spent most of our days without a care in the world.

Kids view the world with such wonder, curiosity, admiration and freedom! Taking a day to be a kid again is the best way to strengthen those parts of ourselves.

Children are said to be our best teachers – they haven’t developed bad habits, fears, inhibitions, and defenses.

Kids are pure, and kind. Let’s take a page out of their book today, and return to that childlike state!

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How do you act like a kid? Ways to celebrate Be A Kid Again Day

Ready to break from being an adult today? We challenge you to try at least one of these fun ways to celebrate Be a Kid Again Day.

Let us know which one you try in the comments below!

Boy swinging at a playground

  • Share some be like a child quotes with friends – the sillier the better!
  • Play a game! Pick something you loved in your childhood, like Twister, Candy Land, Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head, or Sorry!
  • Pick up a coloring book and go wild. Don’t even worry about coloring in the lines.  There’s a reason they make coloring books for adults, they’re just so much fun!
  • Write a crazy adventure story. Let your imagination run free! Looking for a prompt to get you started? Check out these story writing prompts for kids. Remember you’re not getting graded for this, so have fun!
  • Dress up like your hero. This could be a superhero, an animal, or a real person you know! The trick is to have fun while doing it.
  • Indulge your sweet tooth with a fun, kid-friendly dessert like these easy Halloween dirt cups. Now you may be thinking “but…it’s not Halloween?”. Well, that’s even better! Kids don’t care about what day it is, they do whatever they want, whenever they want!
  • Read a book you loved in your childhood. Some of popular favorites are the Nancy Drew books, Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat, Clifford The Big Red Dog, Goosebumps, Goodnight Moon, and all of the I Spy books.
  • Play outside. Spend some time outside going on an adventure – a hike, a walk around the block, whatever you want. Just remember to really see everything. Kids aren’t in a hurry to get anywhere. They really enjoy all the sights and sounds around them.
  • Make a popcorn snack mix and have a movie marathon! You can even watch a scary movie or TV show your mum wouldn’t let you see when you were little – like The Twilight Zone. I advise you watch it with the lights on though. Even as an adult, those shows can get spooky!
  • Lay outside in the grass and watch the clouds move by. What do you see in the clouds?
  • Make your favorite childhood meal. Did you like mac and cheese, hamburgers, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?  The sky is limit!
  • Two words. COOKIE DOUGH.
  • Share the post on social media.  Here is a tweet to get you started:
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More ways to be like a child

Be a kid again Day just like these Children playing in a brook

We can never have too many ideas for acting child-like during our day. Here are some more ideas.

  • Have a play date with your best friend, and make sure they know that no adult stuff is supposed to happen today. Make sure you only do fun things for Be a Kid Again Day!
  • Decorate your den and have an indoor camping party.
  • Go in the backyard and try to do a handstand or a cartwheel. Remember how fun gymnastics used to be?
  • Ride a roller coaster! You can go to an amusement park like Disneyland or Six Flags. If it’s the time of year when the fair comes to town, that would be even better! You could go on rides, eat a giant turkey leg and some deep fried Oreos.
  • Try out your finger painting skills! When you’re done you can put it on the fridge!
  • Have a Disney movie marathon and act out the movies while you’re watching them.  
  • Go outside and ask to pet every dog and kitten you see on the street.
  • Have a dance party and be the disc jockey! Crank up your boom box (or more likely, your music streaming account) and dance it out!
  • Play truth or dare, and embrace the silliness of the game.
  • Spend the day doing jigsaw puzzles or other puzzle games.
  • Do the word search puzzle for July to see if you can find Be a Kid Again Day in it. You can also try to solve our summer word search and summer word scramble.
  • Do what kids do in the summer – run through a sprinkler or do a cannonball into a pool!
  • Jump into a pile of raked leaves. That was always one of my favorite things to do in fall as a kid!
  • Is it winter? Make a snow angel, and a giant snow man, just for fun! Then come inside and eat snow angel cookies.
  • If it happens to be spring, make an Easter centerpiece (make sure you buy extra peeps to eat during the process).
  • Try to get to the end of a rainbow! Don’t forget to look for the leprechaun’s pot of gold on your way!
  • Have a tea party – and remember the best tea parties have imaginary tea.
  • Do you have kids? Follow them around and ask to play whatever game they want!  After all, there’s no one who acts more like a kid than an actual child!
  • Turn off your cell phone, your computer, your email, and don’t even think about checking your to-do list. Being a kid is all about being free, and having fun.  All of your adult responsibilities can wait until tomorrow!
  • Grab some stickers and have fun pasting them into a journal or in other places.

Did you enjoy learning about be a kid again day?

Be a Kid Again Day is just one of the national days this month! There are close to 2000 national days in the year and over 150 of them are celebrated in July.

father and son silhouette on the beach at sunset

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We hope you enjoyed learning about Be a Kid Again Day. While today is a great day to be like a child, don’t forget to be like a kid, every day!

loving father and son in a field of flowers reminds us about be a kid again day

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Pin these ideas for be a kid again day for later

Would you like a reminder ways to bring out your inner child? Just pin this image to one of your favorite trivia boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find them later.

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Be a Kid Again Day is celebrated on July 8

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