Banana Marshmallow Santa Head Treat

Not all projects work out the way I intend them to and this cute little marshmallow banana Santa Head is definite proof of that.

Banana Marshmallow Santa HeadsI found this cute project on Pinterest last year.  The website Creative Kid Snacks, no longer had it on their site and every site that shared it linked to a page not found error.

“No problem,” I thought. “I can do that just by looking at the picture!”  (this was my first mistake.  Over confidence often comes back to haunt you….)

ingredientsDIY Banana Marshmallow Santa Heads Disaster

I assembled all my ingredients and even added some fruit roll ups, thinking “I will give him a scarf!”  I also got some mini marshmallows for the hat topper instead of a piece of a big marshmallow like the original project had.  I was getting very confident now.  (second mistake.  “Pride goeth before the fall,” as they say.)

bananas and marshmallowsI cut my bananas and marshmallows into evenly sized pieces.  This shows just how confident I was at this point.  I thought I’d have them done in a flash…and did not think to keep the banana (which turns brown) until the last cut.  LOL

scarvesMy little project was coming along just beautifully.  I added the Little scarves from strips of my fruit roll up.  I even thought about using a bit of frosting to keep the layers together since I thought that the original (poorly thought out, in my silly arrogant thinking) project needed something to sort of glue the pieces together.

Santa hatsBy this time, I had a nice little assembly line going.  I used the frosting to make my little Santa hats.  Now, have a look at the one in the front row.  This should have been my first “oh oh” moment.  It was starting to topple a little, and the strawberry was sort of slipping off the marshmallow rim.  But confident that I was, I trudged on, because NOW, I was ready to assemble the figure and take the picture for this article.

First SantaI tried the M & Ms for his red nose and nothing I could do made it stick to the, by now, very slippery banana.  It just fell right off, frosting on the back and all.  But I gave him a dark nose and called it good.  He looks a bit more like a dog than a Santa but at least he is a whole piece.

oh ohNow, I don’t really have very good photos of the next stage. I was laughing too hard to hold the camera.  My first little guy was holding up just fine.  But every other Santa kept falling apart.  The hats would slide off…the heads would slip forward…the eyes would fall out.  Nothing was working.  And I still had no good photo, of the project, in spite of having at least 45 minutes into the darn thing.

Light bulb momen tAh ha!  My light bulb moment.    You need to use toothpicks to get them to stay together, not frosting!

toothpicksNow this worked like a charm, with one exception.  The toothpicks were too short to reach the small top marshmallow on the hat! 

Finished SantaSo, I kept the top marshmallow with frosting under it and finished off my Santa (dog – he really is starting to look as though he will say woof woof at any moment.) “No worries, I thought, I’ll just call my project Santa doggies.)

Santa DogsSo I trudged on and finished my Santa “dogs”.   I will omit how the kept trying to topple over and how I had to put frosting the plate, and how I was laughing and cackling as this project disintegrated before my eyes…oh wait…I just told you that, didn’t I?  Notice the Santa in the front row on the right.  He gives you an idea of what was happening on this plate as I madly hurried to finish them off.  I snapped the picture and thought I was done, and could sort of “fake it.”

The following photos show my punishment for such naughty thoughts.  It is what I call my time lapse photos, over the course of about 20 seconds.

time lapse time lapse time lapse time lapseAnd the little guy standing in the back row?  That is my very first one!  He is determined, I’ll give him that!

My Banana Marshmallow Santa hat EPIC FAIL DIY project.Moral of my story?  Do not think you can improve on what was a pretty perfect project to start with. 

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  1 comment for “Banana Marshmallow Santa Head Treat

  1. Kathy Anderson
    November 20, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    Last year we made what we hoped were reindeer cookies. Some sort of ginger cookie, with curled pretzels as antlers, and candy eyes. Well, the cookies tasted fine, the antlers fell onto the little face, and those darn eyes are as intrepid as last year’s tree needles. What a disaster. Thank you for the laugh!!!!!

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