20+ Fudge Recipes for the Holidays

Are you ready for the holidays and all the sweet treats that it entails?  How about making up a few of these fudge recipes to have on hand for Christmas?20+ holiday fudge recipes at thegardeningcook.com

Fudge is the one sweet treat that I make each year without fail.  I can’t trust myself to have it sitting around during the year, because I love the taste of it.

Fortunately for me, fudge freezes well, so I can take out a piece just when I have a hankering for it instead of having it tempt me non stop.

Out of sight, out of mind, they say!

23 Holiday Fudge Recipes

Are you a fudge lover like I am?  Be sure to check out these favorite fudge recipes over at The Gardening Cook.  Be sure to check them out.  One is sure to be perfect for your holiday table.


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