Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us.  I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for new recipes to serve my family and friends each year.  I have my normal traditions but also like to bring out something new each year too. Is this the way you think, as well?  If so,  these Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas may give you the inspiration you are looking for, too.These 20 Amazing Thanksgiving Recipe ideas will make sure that your holiday celebration is a huge success.

For my family, Thanksgiving has always been about each person bringing over their favorite recipe creation.  Both of my parents passed away in the last few years, but our family continues this tradition, even though they are gone now.

Time for some Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas.

 So, grab a cup of coffee and see if one of these Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas will become a part of your holiday season this year.

Oreo Turkey cookies place card holder

These cute little Thanksgiving turkeys make the perfect place card holders.  The only problem will be making the kids wait until dessert to eat them!  See how to make them here.

Honey and spice glazed ham

Turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving protein, but many people also love to serve ham.  This recipe has a honey and spice glaze that tastes delicious. See how to make it here.

Vanilla and honey glazed carrots

These vanilla and honey glazed carrots make the prefect Thanksgiving side dish. Get the recipe here.


These cheesy scalloped potatoes are the recipe that my family asks me to bring most often. The plate is always empty at the end of the meal.  See how to make them here.

These thanksgiving cookies help us remember what the day is all about.So often, Thanksgiving becomes all about a huge feast.  This lovely plate of cookies reminds us what the day is all about!  Image shared from Flickr.

Mini Pumpkin Bundt Cakes

These are the neatest little pumpkin mini cakes. The brown sugar icing adds an extra touch of sweetness.  Imagine these on your Thanksgiving buffet table?  Get the recipe at Once Upon a Plate.

Indian Corn Cakes

You will have a hard time keeping the kids away from these Indian Corn Cakes.  The whole outside of the cake is covered with M & Ms.  Get the recipe on The Gardening Cook.

These peanut butter chocolate truffles have a lovely coating of chocolate with some autumn leaf sprinkles. I love the texture that flax seeds and chia seeds add to the mixture.

 Chocolate and peanut butter combine to make these amazing truffle candies.  The little autumn leaf sprinkles add just the right seasonal touch.  Get the recipe here.

This Thanksgiving Cornucopia is make from bread and is fully edible.

 This baked cornucopia is made from bread dough to make the whole centerpiece edible.  See how to make it on The Gardening Cook.

Pumpkin shaped chocolate truffles from

What would Thanksgiving be without a pumpkin or two? These amazing little Pumpkin shaped Chocolate truffles are the perfect ending for a holiday meal.  .Get the recipe here.

Cranberry, turkey and stuffing sandwichLooking for something to do with all the left overs that Thanksgiving seems to bring? Try this turkey, cranberry and stuffing sandwich.  YUM!  Get the recipe here. 

Still looking for inspiration for some Thanksgiving recipe ideas?  Try one of these:

1.  Pumpkin pie dip.

2. Indian Corn Cookies

3. All Natural Pumpkin Butter

4. Deluxe Pumpkin Cheesecake.

5. Thanksgiving Native American Cookies.

6. Pumpkin Cheese ball.

7. Candy Corn Truffles

8. Green Bean Casserole

9. Mini Pumpkin Pie Pops.

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