Halloween Scary Snake Basket

This Halloween Scary Snake Basket is Great for Seasonal Curb Appeal.

I found a picture of this Halloween scary snake basket a while ago and thought it was so cute.  I intended to make a similar one for myself but could never find just the right snakes.

This scary snake basket makes a great seasonal prop for your front porch.

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 Imagine how people would jump if you had this on your front door step?   It’s perfect to have outside on your porch or entry step to add some spooky Halloween curb appeal.  I could not find directions for this project online, just this photo but it looked easy enough to do.  (It was once for sale on Etsy for $40 but does not seem to be available for sale now.) All I needed were the snakes.  Not such an easy thing as it turned out!

I looked all over for some bendable snakes or even something I could make into bendable snakes (my favorite kind of project.)  I had almost given up on finding just the right supplies, when lady luck found me.

On a recent trip to Michael’s craft store, I found some supplies that allowed me to make my own version of this scary Halloween prop.  It didn’t turn out quite the same as this one, but I like it a lot just the same.   I used these supplies:

Supplies for scary snake basket.

In just a couple of hours, I had my own version of the scary snake basket.  Here it is in all it’s slithering glory!scary Halloween snake basket Head on over to my main site, The Gardening Cook, for a step by step tutorial and list of supplies.  I like it even better, knowing that I made my own snakes instead of buying some in the store.

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