DIY Projects Using Witch’s feet

Make your own Witch’s Feet Decorations

Ding Dong the Witch is dead.  Remember the song from the Wizard of Oz?  The image of witch’s feet with striped stockings has become a traditional Halloween image.

Top Witch Feet DIY projectsIt has also started becoming the focus of cute Halloween decor projects too!  Most of these projects require just some striped stockings, a pair of pointed black shoes from the dollar store and a couple of extra props to end up with a spooky scene.

Witches feet in a black cauldron

This is one of my favorites!   The DIY delight calls for a flea market cauldron, some striped dollar store knee socks, a bit of Spanish moss, some yard sale shoes and a broom.  The total cost was a whopping $5.50! Idea shared from Halloween Forum.

Witches feet door wreath for HalloweenThis project is a bit more elaborate.  You will need a straw wreath form, some dollar store striped socks, a feather boa and black tulle for the skirt,  and bunches of other craft materials. But it sure is cute.  There is not really a tutorial on the site but a just a bit of how to.  The image is more for inspiration should you decide to make one yourself.  See Crafty Sisters for more info.

Witch's Feet Tableleg DecorationOh my goodness!  How adorable is this?  The legs of the table are wrapped in striped material and then inserted into shoes for a sweet and very effective mood setting decoration.   Idea has been shared from Bubblegum and Duct Tape. See their site for more cute Halloween party ideas.

Dead witch Feet DIY Halloween Decoration Passersby will do a double take when they see this neat Halloween decor project. They will think your house had a run-in with a witch!  See the tutorial at Adventures of a Couponista.

Cauldron for Halloween candy made with Witches feet.This would make the cutest bowl for your Halloween candy.  It takes a bit of work to do, but the end result is worth the time.  See the tutorial from Design Dazzle at Eighteen 25.

 DIY witches Feet Fireplace decoration.And my final entry for witches feet is this cute fireplace idea from Party City.  These would be so easy to do.  Just fill black and green striped stockings with foam (even a pool noodle would do) and then stick them into black pointed shoes with a buckle attached.  Prop up a broom for a spooky Halloween display.

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  1. Cindy
    September 11, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    Very cute ideas Thanks You for sharing.

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