20 Candy Corn Recipes

These candy corn recipes will bring the taste of Halloween and Thanksgiving to your dessert table.

Today is National Candy Corn Day! If  you have been reading my blogs lately, you will have seen that I’ve been on a candy corn mission lately.  Pretty much everything you can do with it to make it into a dessert, I have tried.  Some were flops.  Some were huge successes. All were full of the taste of fall.  I thought it would be fun to bring all my candy corn recipes as well as some of my favorites from my blogging friends into one round up. The recipes are the perfect way to celebrate this National Day!Do you like candy corn? You will love this round up of 20+ of my favorite candy corn recipes. From chex mix, to fudge and milk shakes, I've got something for everyone.

This round up is for dedicated candy corn lovers of all ages!  Those who dig into it by the handfuls and can’t get enough of this sweet holiday treat.  The recipes feature both treats that feature the actual candy corn and some “pretenders” who just use the color for inspiration. All are downright delicious and will leave your holiday guests asking for more!

Candy corn truffles

 These candy corn truffles are so tasty.  If you are not a huge fudge lover, you’ll still like these delicious bites.  They are sweet, but not overly so. The cookies inside the truffles make them sort of like a cake pop, and the coatings tone down the sweetness. One delicious bite!  Get the recipe for these candy corn truffles here.

Candy corn pecan fudge

 This candy corn pecan fudge has all of my favorite holiday goodies in it ~pecans…marshmallow cream…candy corn…white chocolate, and the surprise ingredient of Golden Oreo cookies. It all comes together in one decadent tasting pan of fudge that your holiday guests will just love.  See how to make it here.

Candy corn punch from simplethrifty.com

 It’s the holidays, after all – Time to splurge. Let’s just wash down these delicious candy corn sweets with a big ole glass of  candy corn punch!  See how to make it here.

Candy corn pretzel fudge

 These delicious squares are 175 calories of sugar, cream, marshmallow and more.  This candy corn fudge is very sweet.  Only one piece is all you need to answer your sweet tooth!  Get the recipe. 

Candy corn peanut butter ball from tastesoflizzyt.com

 This decadent party dip combines the seasonal taste of candy corn with peanut butter.  Oh my, oh YES!!  (peanut butter is a food group to me!)  Perfect to dip into with pretzels.  See how to make it on Taste of Lizzy T.

Candy corn pudding pops

This is a sweet treat that you can indulge without worrying about all the calories. These candy corn pudding pops can even be made with skim milk and sugar free pudding mix.  Ready in a flash and perfect for an Indian summer day. Get the recipe here.

Candy corn pizza cookie from thejennyrevolution.com

 A candy corn pizza cookie? The Jenny Revolution says why not?  The kids will love making this cookie and eating it too!  I bet it won’t last long…

Candy corn pretzel bites

 This recipe came about when some of my fudge did not work out the way I wanted it to the first time I made it.  Rather than throw it all away, I remade the recipe into these decadent candy corn pretzel balls. Super tasty and just the right consistency, PLUS…I learned about the soft ball fudge technique too!  See how to make them here.

Edible candy corn shot glasses from simplisticallyliving.comThese candy corn edible shot glasses from Simplistically Living are so colorful. Perfect for the season!  And the kids can eat them too. There is no alcohol in them. See how to make these edible candy corn treats.

Candy corn turkey cookies from crafymorning.comYou won’t have to twist the kid’s arms to sample these on your Thanksgiving table?  These adorable Candy corn turkey cookies from Craft Morning are easy to make too!

Candy corn inspired milk shake from artsymomma.comThis delicious milk shake is inspired by our favorite fall candy.  It is a scrumptious blend of orange sherbet, ice cream, bananas and other goodies. See how to make it on Artsy Momma.

Still looking for more inspiration for your Halloween or Thanksgiving dessert table?  Try one of these delicious concoctions!

1.Adorable Candy Corn Cookies.

2. Candy Corn Marshmallow Treats.

3. Candy Corn Poke Cake.

4. Candy corn Oreo cookies and cream fudge bars.

5. Candy Corn Halloween chex mix.

6. Black Velvet Halloween Trifle.

7. Candy corn Bagels.

8. White Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies.

9. Candy Corn Chocolate Bark.

10. Candy Corn Popcorn.

11. Creamy Candy Corn Jello Cups.

12. Home made Candy Corn.

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  1. October 26, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    What a great collection! I have to be honest and say that I don’t usually buy candy corn. But I may just have to pick some up and try some of these recipes.

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